ETSI-med`s contribution to cancer research is to provide academic and industrial research laboratories with tissues and body fluids from human patients, together with detailed but pseudoanonymized clinical and follow-up data.

ETSI-med is a non-profit organization according to German law. ETSI-med is providing public benefit and helps advancing science. ETSI-med is operating on a more noble plane than profit-oriented biobanks, and we insist that ETSI-med is observing highest ethical standards. ETSI-med is able to offer services and products on a self-cost basis, and is therefore highly competitive.

ETSI-med is running one of the largest cancer biobanks worldwide with over 42`000 quality-controlled samples. ETSI-med relies on a large network of hospitals and clinicians in Europe. ETSI-med is networked with public-owned biobanks in Europe.